Polyurethane Machines

AllMet Engineering Services is the UK distributor of Ekosystem high and low pressure polyurethane machines. The equipment we supply is based on tried and tested technology, allowing us to give you reliable performance at a highly affordable price. It’s this very reason that many of our customers now are now able to invest in new PU machinery instead of keeping old machines running. Not only are they saving on maintenance costs but they are increasing their productivity too.

Ekosystem Srl Polyurethane Machines

Ekosystem Srl are based in Brianza, Italy, only 20km from Milan. They manufacture low pressure and high pressure polyurethane machines, holding high stock levels for immediate despatch as well as producing bespoke metering units designed for your specific needs.

Ekosystem Srl experience:

• Low density rigid polyurethane: used for panels in the building sector or insulation in the refrigerator field.
• High density rigid polyurethane machines: used for decorations and imitation wood in the furniture industry.
• Structural foams for use in the health field and in refrigeration.
• Flexible and viscous-elastic foams for the production of stuffing, armchairs and couches.
• Integral foams (imitation leather) used in the automotive sector.
• Elastomers used in fields where high elasticity and mechanical strength are essential such as in the footwear and gasket production.