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Project Description

Ekosystem Hydra High Pressure PU Metering Unit

The Ekosystem Hydra high pressure PU metering unit is highly versatile and our customers use it for a variety of production solutions, such as integral foam for imitation leather, flexible foams, padding and viscoelastic. etc. Being mounted to one frame, the Hydra PU metering unit is compact and easy to transport. As with all our machines, user-friendly and ease of maintenance are top priorities.

What comes with the Hydra high pressure PU metering unit?

This PU machine comes with the following equipment as standard: 100 litre capacity tanks tested and certified for 6 bar pressure c/w agitators, thermoregulation jacket and capacitance level. Metering is through changeable delivery axial piston-operated pumps in closed-loop operation. The flow-meter and motor-pump speed adjustment is handled by inverters to ensure a constant output even if the components pressures and temperatures change.

Key features:

  • Equipped with axial piston dosing pumps connected to variable speed drives for big flow rate range.
  • Self-cleaning mixing head with recirculation system.
  • Flow rate and ratio reading along with regulation are easy to set thanks to the touch screen HMI.

Tank groups: 

  • Agitators on both tanks.
  • Electronic capacitance level sensors.
  • Automatic pneumatic loading valves.
  • Certified pressurisation daily tanks are jacketed for thermoregulation and separated from the frame for easy maintenance.

Mixing head:

  • ESK laminar flow mixing head complete with 180 degree rotating boom with up/down system

High performance hydraulic unit:

  • Six litre nitrogen pre-charged accumulator.
  • Heat exchanger with thermostat.

Dosing group:

  • Self-cleaning filters.
  • High pressure axial piston dosing pump.
  • Digital pressure gauges with programmable mix/max working pressure alarms.
  • Closed-loop volumetric flowmeters connected to inverter and PLC.

Control group:

  • Compact control cabinet with Siemens S7-300 PLC.
  • Mixing head mounted push button control panel with 99 program setting and digital reading.