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Project Description

Ekosystem Ariel Low Pressure Polyurethane PU Metering Unit

Ekosystem Ariel low pressure polyurethane dosing machine functions very similar to other urethane mixing machines such as OMS or Cannon at a very competitive price. Ariel is a user-friendly solution to mixing polyurethane that is designed for long life and matches the mixing quality of equipment that is far more expensive.

What to expect from your Ariel low pressure polyurethane machine

The Ariel is managed by an electrical cabinet with PLC software built in to ensure continuous control of the foaming cycles. The end-user can set flow rates, head cleaning cycle, daily tank filling from storage tanks, working temperatures and the pouring programs. Different ratios and flow-rates can be adjusted through the touchscreen HMI which also displays the machine alarms too.

Key features:

  • German high accuracy gear low pressure volumetric pumps, for easy maintenance and long life.
  • Automatic system for output adjustment managed by VSDs directly connected to the motors.
  • Digital pressure gauges for reading the recycle and pouring pressures.
  • Heat exchanges for the thermoregulation of the two chemicals.
  • 80 litre daily tanks are equipped with level sensor, stirrer, silica gel, diaphragm loading pumps.

Highly reliable mixing head with direct recycle is complete with:

  • Coupling motor and pulley for a high speed rotation
  • Additional mixing air
  • Valves for pressure regulation
  • Complete cleaning system (solvent and drying air)
  • Calibrator for the output control
  • Accommodation for water cleaning
  • Accommodation for additional dosing
  • Different mixer shapes are available on request